What Are Community Groups?
God did not create us to live in isolation; rather, He has purposed us to live in community with others. In other words, He wants us to do life together. In essence, Community Groups are a place where we learn to do just that

We offer a Community Group for every age person, from newborn through senior adult. Our groups for preschoolers, children and students are organized by age or grade.

Our adult groups are organized around stage of life. Although we list an age by each group, it is a loose guide and you will most often find people in a group that are outside the posted age range. The more important factors are the age of your children, the size group you prefer, the teaching style you enjoy, and your marital status. We often offer more than one group for a particular life stage.
We have groups that are small, with fewer than 10 people, all the way up to groups that are large and may run as high as 80-100 people during the winter. Our teachers all teach the same scripture passage and key principle but they do so in varying styles.
If you stop by the kiosk on Sunday mornings or contact the church, we can talk with you about those factors and help you find the groups where you are most likely to connect. Because of the options and diversity we offer, please feel comfortable visiting more than one group to find your best connection.
Community Groups are a vital part of our mission, which is “to do whatever it takes to connect people to Jesus Christ.” They extend personal invitations to our guests to join them, offer social opportunities open to new people, and provide support for one another and service to others. Community Groups are also the key component of our strategy to “equip believers practically in God’s Word.” The small group setting provides opportunity for questions and discussions that are not possible in a worship service. These are not classes for Bible scholars – they are families where everyone is learning together and no question is too basic.
It is our hope that every person who considers Sarasota Baptist their church home would attend a weekly corporate worship service, connect with others through a Community Group, and share the knowledge, abilities and passion God has given them through serving.
If you need more information, stop by the information desk on
Sunday mornings or call 941-922-1449.