January 25-28, 2018
Thursday, Jan. 26 | 10:00am | Chapel
with Mark & Bev McCrary
Friday, January 26th | 6:00pm | The Auditorium
Join us Friday night & enjoy foods from countries all around the world.
You’ll have a chance to meet and talk with some of the
missionaries who are with us for the weekend as well.
Sunday, January 28 | 9:00 & 10:30 am | The Auditorium
Michael and Heather Starkey will be interviewed by Pastor Mike
Sunday, January 28 | 11:45 am | The Gym
Purchase Tickets in advance
5.00 per person with a 20.00 family max
Sunday, January 28 | 9:00 & 10:30 am

Michael and Heather Starkey – East Asia

Sharing in the services with Pastor Mike

Michael and Heather are from our church family here at Sarasota Baptist. They are finishing their first term on the field while learning the Chinese language and adapting to the culture which is a full time job. In spite of the challenges God has used them to reach many and be a part of forming several house churches. We are glad to have them here for several months along with little Nate.

Aaron Brindle – South Asian Peoples

Sharing in room 100

My family and I have served in a mega-city (25 million) in South Asia for almost 10 years. 3 of our 4 children were born there as we have engaged Muslims and Hindus with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We praise God for fruit from Afghan, Hindu and other Muslim fields and the opportunity to enter villages and slums to bring access to the gospel. As we focus on bringing the gospel to the Muslim minority, we also work to strengthen the major church through discipleship and leadership development. The Lord has provided us entry and protection from an increasingly hostile government as well as Muslims who are resistant to the Gospel. We sense an urgency to equip national believers to get gospel witness in all areas as the window for long-term foreign presence seems to be closing.

Kyle McLane – European Peoples

Sharing in room D227

We are Kyle and Maya McLane. We have been married for 22 years and we have 5 children. They are Canon.19, Isaac,15, Scotland,13, Eli,11 and Anna Kathrine who is 9. Kyle has a degree in Civil Engineering and worked in Land Development for 7 years before moving overseas. Maya has a degree in Psychology and worked at a psychiatric center and as a grief counsellor for a funeral home before we became missionaries. We first moved to L’viv Ukraine where we served on a church planting team for 5 years.. We helped start a new church there called Grapevine. We then we moved to South Africa where Kyle worked in an administrative role supporting missionaries throughout Sub Saharan Africa. After 5 years in Africa we moved back to Ukraine but this time to Kyiv and have been there about 4 years and serving on a church planting team once again.

Mark and Bev McCrary – East Asian Peoples

Sharing in room B214

Bev and I have worked with the IMB since December of 1996. We both come from a business background. Our first assignment was in Taiwan with 45 missionary units in the area of finance, property resources and logistics. In 2009 I became Director of Logistics Support for East Asia’s 600+ missionaries. In 2016 I transferred to the position of Partnership Strategist which enables Bev and I to directly partner with churches to empower missionary teams to do evangelism, discipleship, church planting and multiplication among unreached peoples and places in East Asia Along the way, we have been blessed by the Lord to help plant three dynamic Chinese churches.


Dave and Dianne Daniels – Americas Peoples

Sharing in room C211

Dave Daniels served with the International Mission Board in South America for 28 years. His primary assignment was teaching in our seminaries in Montevideo, Uruguay and in Asuncion, Paraguay. He participated in training pastors and other church leaders, as well as national missionaries who have served in other countries. He also worked with a church planting team composed of another missionary couple, several seminary students, and other national believers. Dave was also active in individual discipleship and training others in using discipleship materials.


Rick and Kris Kunz – North African / Middle Eastern Peoples

Sharing in D-Kid’s Center

Rick and Kris Kunz have worked 20 plus years among the Jewish community in Argentina. Buenos Aires is home to over 200,000 Jewish people and is rich in Jewish history and culture. Rick and Kris had the privilege to start a messianic congregation in the heart of the city and have seen many Jewish people hear about their Messiah for the first time and a number of those saying yes to Jesus. There are in addition to the ministries related to the congregation concerted outreach events, volunteer team involvement from the U.S., ministry to Israeli soldiers (over 10,000 pass through Buenos Aires each year), training among evangelical churches in J evangelism and whatever else that might serve to impact the community as a whole with the gospel.

Rick and Kris have six children and (to date) six grandchildren.

Zack – Central Asian Peoples

Sharing in the chapel/Youth center

Zack’s ministry is among people groups that are very difficult to reach and who tend to be very resistant to the Gospel. He works in an area of the world which requires extremely high security. In spite of the risks, God is at work. Come and hear his story.