In Acts 1:8, Jesus tells us that as His followers, we will be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria & the uttermost parts of the Earth. SBC is a mission-minded church with a heart for our community, our state, our nation & the world.

There are many ways you can participate in the ministry & missions of SBC. Click here for a complete listing of the ways you can be involved in missions locally or internationally in 2014.

2014 Mission Projects

June 16-20
Refugee Ministry in Atlanta, GA., Family Project, Leader: Barbara Deutschle

June 9-18
Refugee ministries in Paris, France, Leaders: Bobby & Marolyn Acomb

Contact Rod Boatwright to find out further information about going on one of these trips.
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Sarasota Baptist Church provides for you to give to its mission's endeavors by making a check out to Sarasota Baptist Church & on the memo line marking "Mission".

As a Southern Baptist Church, we also participate in Lottie Moon Christmas offering for International missions, the Annie Armstrong Easter offering for North American Missions & the Miguire Offering for State Missions. Southern Baptist's have over 4,900 International missionaries & another 4,500 North American missionaries which are all paid a salary & do not have to raise their own support. These offerings go directly to meet their needs.
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