Here at Sarasota baptist we believe that children should enjoy learning about Jesus.  Our Preschool Ministries offers care and Bible teaching for all preschoolers (birth throughKindergarten} during both services. Our curriculum is constructed to meet the preschoolers where they are cognitively, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Our teachers use curriculum games, songs and crafts to build a strong spiritual foundation about the Bible stories being taught through out the year. Preschoolers also have a praise and worship time in big group where they learn and enjoy motions to praise songs. By the time the children move to the Elementary program they will have a strong foundation of Bible truths.


Children’s Choir - Wednesdays , 5:30 to 6:10 in the Garage.  Starting up again on Wednesday, September 7. Kindergarten age children are welcome to join.

Cubbies - Cubbies starts up again on Wednesday, September 7, 6:15 to 7:45.  Registration is open online.

Preschool Service Times:

Here at Sarasota Baptist drop off time is 15min before service or class time. We ask that you please pick up your child promptly after class and  continue to enjoy your fellowship with friends.
Sunday Mornings 
Wednesday Nights

Preschool Parent Information

  1. What to bring for your preschool child.Sarasota Baptist Church asks that you please label your child's bottle, pacifier and diaper bag. The preschool has Sarasota Baptist diaper bag tags available at the Preschool check in desk. We request that you include disposable diapers. If your child is in training pants, please send extra pants and a change of clothes. Be sure these are labeled. Our Sunday curriculum and classrooms are filled with all activities, toys needed for the morning so, we ask that your child does NOT bring any personal toys to  the classroom.
  2. Illness PolicyChildren with  above-normal temperature, colds, a persistent cough, rash or any contagious disease should not be brought to the preschool areas as infection of others may occur. Parents must be sure that their children are free from sighs of illnesses for 48hrs before bringing them to the preschool. If a child becomes ill while in the preschool area, the parent/guardian will be requested to come and pick up their child. Teachers do NOT administer medications. 
  3. Drop off/ pick up procedure. All families checking-in their children at Sarasota Baptist Church will receive a name-tag that has a letter and a number to be placed on the back of each individual child. Parents will receive a security tag with the same matching letter and numbers that will be presented at pick up to the teacher. We ask that parents please present the tag to the teachers.

Contact Shannon Wosniak for more information.

Baby Dedications are held upon request. Please contact Shannon Wosniak for more information. 941-552-1307.