The mission of our school is to provide a warm, nurturing environment that encourages children to achieve their fullest potential. Our desire is that every child realizes that we love him/her and that Jesus loves him/her more. We are also committed to give every child the fundamental & educational building blocks upon which he/she can build a successful future.

Sarasota Preschool is a ministry of Sarasota Baptist Church. Our program is Monday -Thursday 8:30am-12pm (1pm is an option). We follow the Sarasota County School District calendar (with a few exceptions). We begin classes the day after Labor Day. We provide a Christian environment for children 2 years of age through 4K. We welcome students of every race, color, or religious background. Sarasota Preschool is dedicated to the
mental, physical, social and spiritual development of all children entrusted to our daily care. We recognize that each child is a unique gift from God and we pledge to always show God’s love by our kind words & example.
Check out our website at sarasotapreschool.org
Sarasota Preschool is governed by Florida League of Christian Schools FLOCS # 25664. (www.FLOCS.org). We use FLOCS standards & certification procedures.
If you would like a tour or more information please email: Susan Delac or Elizabeth Noonan.