Student Serve provides year-round opportunities for students to earn money toward upcoming camps and mission trips. The best types of Student Serve projects are those that can be accomplished by a student, or small group of students, in a few hours or one day.
Church family and friends can submit a project request to Student Serve at their convenience using the online form. When the student ministry receives a request for a Student Serve project, the job request gets sent to students currently registered for conferences, camps, mission trips, etc. who are in the process of raising their own support. Unlike a normal part-time job, Student Serve operates on the basis of donations, meaning: 1) The job host will make a donation to Student Serve in whatever amount they feel led to give, and 2) Students will never receive direct payment from the project host. Rather, students enrolled in Student Serve will accumulate money as the student ministry office tracks donations given and jobs worked by each student. 
What to Expect – Students & Parents
  • You must provide your own transportation to and from the project location.
  • Some jobs may require you to bring your own equipment – i.e. gloves, rakes, buckets, etc. These items will be listed on the job request.
  • The date, location, time and length of project will be expressed in the initial request.
  • Personal contact information of the host will be provided to students and/or their families who agree to the request. Students/parents will speak directly to the job host for any additional questions beyond the details of the request form. 
What to Expect – Job Hosts
  • Unless needed and/or requested, any supervision required for students will be provided by the project host.
  • Unless otherwise expressed, parents will drop-off and pick-up students consistent with the time and length expressed by the project host (for non-driving students).
  • Students should not receive, and will not expect to receive, direct payment for services rendered.
  • Checks should be made payable to Sarasota Baptist Church with “Student Serve” in the memo field, and returned to the student ministry office together with the completed Host Evaluation after the completion of the project. 
  • Project hosts are asked to give as much notice as possible in order to make sure that the request gets filled, and to also take into consideration times/days that do not conflict with school or church.