What is the Media & Tech team?

The Media & Tech  Team are volunteers who love technology & are not afraid of it. You see & hear the work of these volunteers every time you are on campus. Here are some examples of the areas in which Technoteers are responsible:

Sunday Worship Service Video: There are various different applications for video at Sarasota Baptist Church. The most noticeable are those who run the cameras during Sunday morning worship services & during special events. We are also beginning to provide video recordings of “special moments” on DVD, such as baptisms & baby dedications. This allows the families to treasure those moments for year to come.
Online Streaming Video: Can’t make it to the church campus on Sunday morning? Watch it LIVE online on Sunday’s on our website. We stream both services LIVE every Sunday! Can’t watch LIVE? Our archives are there for you to view at anytime. Just check out our archived sermons & our podcasts.
ProPresenter: Although we encourage everyone to bring their own Bible each Sunday, isn’t it great to know that the words will displayed on the screen during the service along with the words to the songs.
Audio Recording: As you have probably noticed, in the the bookstore we offer CDs of recent sermons. This allows us to expand the reach of the church into the homes of those who are unable to attend a service in person.
Lights: We have an impressive lighting system which requires someone to operate for the duration of all services & events. Lighting helps to control the mood of a special song or can bring emphasis to a particular are on the stage such as a baptism or solo.
It takes at least ten volunteers each service to produce the best quality lights, video & audio. We feel this many people are needed because it is our goal that we only have our volunteers scheduled twice a month. You should be refreshed & refilled at church, not burnt-out by it. We always have special projects that we work on. If you volunteer in those areas, the time required varies based upon each project.
Do you want to join the tech team?
For more information, contact Josh Moore @ jmoore@sarasotabaptist.com