On Wednesday nights, dinner is served beginning at 5:15pm.
Classes begin at 6:15pm.
Next Step Discipleship Classes are one of the ways
we learn and grow in our knowledge of God and His Word.
These Bible studies and topical classes are short-term, focused
classes that meet on a weekly basis.

Aug 15 – Nov 14 | Room B203 College & Young Adults Class Joe Babor/Theresa Stanek

“What Every Christian Ought to Know” – Adrian Rogers – Just as seedlings need light and water to grow, new Christians need “spiritual nutrients” in order to thrive and mature. Rogers offers assurance and sound teaching, answering foundational questions such as “How do I know the Bible is the Word of God?”; “How can I know I’m saved?”; and “Is my salvation forever?”

Aug 15 – Nov 7 | Cost: $12.00

Room – C214 – Bill Aubuchon

  Probes the questions you’re asking and helps you resolve nagging doubts about the fundamental issues in life, whether there’s a God, whether the Bible is true, whether Christianity is the right religion, and whether God is really good.

Aug 15 – Oct 3 | Cost: $13.00

Room B205

Dee McLain/Becky Angelo

This study encourages women to make room for God by dethroning the gods that clutter and claim their lives.

Sept 26 – Nov 7| Cost: $10.00

 Room C211 – Tom Bryant 

Our names are important to us. The many names of God revealed in Scripture tell us much about who He is. The names of God are a love gift to us.

Sept 5 – Nov 14

Room C213 – Rod Boatwright

Come along on a journey through the exciting early days of the church. Discover what made the early church so powerful-and unstoppable.

Aug 15 – Nov 14
Room B100 – David Nelson
God’s Judgement, Jesus’ 2nd Coming and the Millennial Kingdom

Aug 15 – Nov 14

Room B207 – Ray Parsons

Men’s Bible Study of the book of Genesis

Aug 15 – Sept 19 | Cost: $10.00

Room C211 – Tom Bryant 

Strengthen your relationship with God through a study of who He is.

Aug 15 – Nov 14 | Room B204

Janis & Jason Saikaley 

Are you ready to experience the blessings God longs to give each of us? Looking at 1 Chronicles 4:10 to discover how the remarkable prayer of a little known Bible hero can release God’s favor, power, and protection. Class open to women and men.

Aug 15 – Aug 29 | Room C213 | Ron Lewis  

Sharing Your Faith – An Evangelistic Testimony

Oct 10 – Nov 14 | Room B205 | Dee McLain
Women’s Bible Study