On Wednesday nights, dinner is served beginning at 5:15pm.
Classes begin at 6:15pm.
Next Step Discipleship Classes are one of the ways
we learn and grow in our knowledge of God and His Word.
These Bible studies and topical classes are short-term, focused
classes that meet on a weekly basis.
Next Steps Classes Winter-Spring 2019
For additional information contact Pastor Glen at email
ALL CLASSES WILL BEGIN AT 6:15pm and end at 7:45pm
“Goliath Must Fall” by Louie Giglio and “Revelation 1-3 The Letters to the Seven Churches”
These are video driven studies followed by rich Biblical discussion. Jan. 9 – Mar 13
These studies are led by Bill Aubuchon in Room C214
General Bible Study of Ephesians and Colossians
Learn how to know what God said, what it means, and how it applies to your life. Preparation is optional but if you would like to prepare for the first session read Ephesians Chapter 1 and identify the main theme. This is a 10 week study Jan 9 – Mar 13 led by Dave Nelson in Room B100
“Seamless” by Angie Smith
This class is about understanding the Bible as One Complete Story.
This is a women’s study led by Dee McLain from Feb. 27 – April 10 in Room B212
Spanish Class
Learn some conversational Spanish to help you if you are going on a mission trip or just want to be a light to Spanish speaking people in the community.
*This class will run from Feb.6 – Mar. 20 and again on April 24 – May 22.
This class will be led by Marolyn Acomb in Room C213
How to talk to your kids/grandkids about tough questions
This class will teach you how to answer questions like, “Why should I believe the Bible?”, or, “Why is there evil in the world?”, or, “Did God really create the world?” in a way your kids/grandkids can understand. We will tackle one question a night. In these days when kids are hearing all sorts of answers to these questions it is important that they are able to hear the right answer from someone they trust. Jan. 9 – Mar. 13 This class will be led by a team of pastors in Room C208
Spiritual Disciplines and Spiritual Gifts
This class will walk you through the different Spiritual disciplines that help us grow closer in our relationship with Jesus. It will also go through the Spiritual gifts that are used to build up the Body of Christ. At the end of this class you will learn your Spiritual gifts and you will have the tools to be a better disciple of Jesus and teach others to do the same Jan.9 –Mar 13 in Room C211
Study of Job
This is a men’s study through the book of Job that is continuing from the fall. It is led by Ray Parsons in Room C207
Focused Prayer Time
Time in prayer weekly, led by Jason and Janis Saikaley in Room B204